The Vision of CFRB

What does it mean to have a "Vision"? I'm not talking about some supernatural experience where God shows you things. Those are largely personal, yet to be shared with the Body of Christ to benefit the whole of the Body. Vision, as I am using it hear is more like a Mission Statement. It is a set of goals that we should be moving towards.


Our goal is to lift up firstly our Lord, in our writings, our posts, our interviews, our comments, and our interaction with each other. Secondly to encourage one another, putting each other above our own goals and concerns. For if the Lord of Glory took upon Himself the form of a SERVANT and asks that we follow His example, then we must consider ourselves servants of one another if we are to be counted as servants of the Lord. Thirdly, we minister to each other as needs arise, in prayer and such other means as may present themselves.

We are not so much a self-contained unit as we are a group that is united in Christ. He is our Author. We are the characters in His story. Like us (or we like Him) knew these characters before the story began, and He shall see that the story comes out the way He intended. While we write character driven stories, Jesus writes an author-driven story among His characters. Giving us freewill, He still pursues us to achieve His own will.

We are a body of God's children who are writers, editors, publishers, pr specialists and just plain readers, who glorify the Name of Jesus by promoting works of Christian fiction that teaches, no matter how subtly, the numerous truths of the Gospel.

We are a people united in Christ from various backgrounds, various denominations, who lean towards our own personal genres, yet put aside all these differences for the sake of Christ.

We are a microcosm to the world of how the Body of Christ is supposed to work.

We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for this, the most blessed of gifts, that of the written word, and honor Him so far as we are enabled by His Holy Spirit.

This is and shall be the vision of the Christian Fiction Review Blog. Should any have a different vision or set of goals it is requested they find another group where their goals are more in line with that group's vision. This shall be the vision of CFRB, that we, as writers, editors, publishers, pr specialists and readers, lift up the name of Jesus that the Spirit of God might draw all people to Him, that they too might find salvation and service in this Holy Family of God.

David Brollier
co-founder of CFRB
written on this date:
July 10th, 2008

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